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Another .75% rate hike was announced by the Federal Reserve (on 9.21.22) and another .75% rate hike is still expected before year end. Beyond the rate raises, Jerome Powell’s words have remained very “hawkish” (or focused on limiting inflation and committed to raising interest rates), which continues to caution investors on what’s to come. Below […]


“The chances of a soft landing are likely to diminish.”

We are happy to announce that Brett Spencer recently obtained the Global Financial Planner (GFP) designation from the Global Financial Planning Institute! This premier designation in the global financial planning field requires a broad range or cross boarder knowledge. The list below summarizes areas covered, all through a cross boarder/international lens: Cross Boarder Income Tax […]

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Brett Spencer Obtains Global Financial Planner Designation

With Mother’s Day here this weekend, we would like to wish all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day! We know parenting makes for a busy life and financial “to-dos” can often take a back seat. So, we have a special “Mother’s Day checklist” to help parents ensure that their plan isn’t missing anything as their […]

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Mother’s Day Checklist

As we’re experiencing, stock markets are having a rough start to the year. And there haven’t been many places to hide as the tables below show. *Source – Y Charts Market Update Data – Year to Date Performance (1/1/2022-4/30/2022) Why are markets down? There are a number of reasons for this negative performance. Stock prices […]


May Market Update

With Earth Day upon us, we wanted to offer a few thoughts on fossil fuel exposure your investments may have and the impact of di-vesting from those fossil fuel investments. Do you own fossil fuel investments? If you haven’t consciously constructed your portfolio to be an eco-friendly portfolio, you likely have money invested into oil, […]


Are You Invested in Fossil Fuels?

We are very excited and honored to share that Brett Spencer has joined the board for the 100fund! The 100fund is part of the 100things organization, which is a group focused on helping people define and work towards their meaningful life goals. As an organization, 100thing has generously committed 5% of their net profit to […]

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100fund Involvement & First Quarter Recipient

As parents are likely aware, part of the American Rescue Plan stimulus increased child tax credit amounts in 2021. But with income limits to qualify for these credits, many high earning families did not receive any advanced credit payments and may be assuming they just don’t qualify. This however may not necessarily be the case. […]

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No Child Tax Credits? What If You File Separate?

With the Russia/Ukraine conflict, we wanted to offer some considerations as we think of the implications of this war. First and foremost though, we are still hopeful that there can be a peaceful resolution as soon as possible! War, economic struggle and lost lives are all terrible terrible things. As we are experiencing though, the […]


Russia/Ukraine Considerations

As we continue to adjust and hope for a “normal” year after this global pandemic, let’s not assume that our economic conditions will also shift to “normal” status. There are some unique financial circumstances at the moment, which should be considered as you think about your finances for 2022. Rethink Diversification Diversification continues to be […]

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Top 5 Financial Planning Considerations for 2022

Top 5 Considerations for 2022

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