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With the Federal Reserve communicating both rate hikes AND rate cuts, it’s a bit confusing on what an ideal mortgage structure would be. The current rate projections (below) are helpful but we should be cautious as projections can change and have been changing throughout this rate cycle.    *Source: Bloomberg, FactSet, Federal Reserve, J.P.Morgan Asset […]

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Mortgage Strategies for Rising, Then Falling Rates

Coming off of 3 recent bank failures (Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature & Silvergate) and with other bank worries on their heels, I wanted to offer some comments on the implications and how to ensure your assets stay protected. Reassurance First of all, there are a number of reassurances out there. It is certainly an […]

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Bank Failures & Keeping Your Assets Protected

As we approach year end, it’s a great time to re-visit planning strategies while there is still time to implement and benefit. For a summary of our top year-end planning considerations, see our checklist and write up below: . . . Maximize Tax Advantaged Savings There are various deadlines for tax advantaged saving opportunities (retirement, […]

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Financial Planning – Year-End Checklist

With Mother’s Day here this weekend, we would like to wish all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day! We know parenting makes for a busy life and financial “to-dos” can often take a back seat. So, we have a special “Mother’s Day checklist” to help parents ensure that their plan isn’t missing anything as their […]

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Mother’s Day Checklist

As we continue to adjust and hope for a “normal” year after this global pandemic, let’s not assume that our economic conditions will also shift to “normal” status. There are some unique financial circumstances at the moment, which should be considered as you think about your finances for 2022. Rethink Diversification Diversification continues to be […]

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Top 5 Financial Planning Considerations for 2022

Top 5 Considerations for 2022

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